At Bethel Assembly of God we have adopted a people building process to foster spiritual growth. We aim to bring people to Jesus and a place of belonging, to also instruct people in maturity, involve them in ministry, and invest them in missions. We are about building people who follow God in everything. With God’s help that is what we will do.

Three strategic focuses for our church:

  1. We need to reach an ever-increasing percentage of the greater Cumberland County for Christ.
  2. We are going to move the congregation of Christ-followers toward community, spiritual maturity, and full participation within the life of the church.
  3. We are going to invest a greater percentage of our lives and our knowledge and our resources with those in our community, our nation, and our world.

Our beliefs are biblically founded, and quite extensive on theological, social, and practical issues of Christian living. As an Assembly of God church, our beliefs as a local church family are congruent with those of the Assemblies of God. Our links below will take you to the Assemblies of God national sight, where you can better explore and understand our beliefs.


What we Believe | Fundamental Truths

What we Believe | Core Doctrines