You may be thinking that Celebrate Recovery is just for people with alcohol or drug addictions.  The truth is that only one third of the people attending Celebrate Recovery are dealing with chemical dependency.  Regardless of your struggle, whether it’s Anger, Codependency, Abuse, Pornography, Grief, Shame, Eating Disorders, or any form of dysfunction, Celebrate Recovery is for you.   Based on the actual words of Jesus rather than psychological theory, CR is a Christ centered – Biblically based, and practical system of recovery.  CR will give you hope and strengthen your resolve to step away from life’s hurts, habits and hang-ups once and for all.   If you are tired of trying to conquer your pain on your own and failing, then CR is the place for you.

When and where?

CR meets every Monday at 6:30pm in our Beige Wing. Please park in front of the building, enter through the main front doors, and CR will be to the left.

What is Celebrate Recovery?

CR is an international recovery ministry that focus’ God’s healing power on broken and hurting lives.  Using Christ Centered Twelve Steps and eight unique Recovery Principles found in the Beatitudes, the CR experience is designed to get you on the road to recovery and keep you there by teaching you about addictive behaviors and solutions, strong accountability, honest assessment, and service & outreach.

Changing destructive patterns is possible through God’s continued grace and His unconditional love for us.   Finally coming to terms with our worth and value to God starts the process of healing in a secure and safe environment.  We remove our masks to face our denial and self-destructive actions.  Together we head toward healthy relationships, hope and healing.

Who is Celebrate Recovery For?

It’s for anyone, young, old, male, female, you, and me. It’s for anyone who has a habit, hurt, or a hang-up, or anyone who wants to reach out and help others. The biblical principles modeled through the twelve steps can help all of us. So this isn’t just about drugs and alcohol, it is about finding healing from anything that is keeping us from the life God meant for each of us to have. It is about growth, getting healthy again, and growing closer to God. Whatever you are struggling with, addiction, anger, drugs, alcohol, pornography, anxiety, depression, or any other life issues you may have Celebrate Recovery can help.


·A safe place to tell your story
·A place to leave your failures at the door and enter a room of Grace
·A refuge in the midst of life’s storms
·A place of belonging
·A place where respect is given to all
·A place where confidentiality is mandatory
·A place to learn
·A place to grow and become strong again
·A place where you can take off your mask allowing others to know who you are
·A place for healthy challenges and risks
·A place to demonstrate genuine love & compassion
·A place of Hope, A place of Healing, A place of Peace for broken and weary souls

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